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We provide a safe marketplace, enabling civil servants access the most reliable, transparent and affordable financial services.

Helping civil servants access reliable loans

We have the most reliable financial services partners, and work with them to provide the most reliable services.

We are willing to take bold action to achieve the extraordinary.

We have the best advisors in the world of civil servant loan financing since 2004, and we continue to uphold the principles of ensuring safe and credible financing.

Reliable lenders

We work with the most reliable financial service providers in the industry, providing a marketplace with fully regulated players…

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Timely service

Our services are quick because we believe your need for them is quick too! Lean on us for the best turnaround time…

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Transparent process

No hidden costs. All lenders on our marketplace hold the highest levels of transparency to ensure secure service…

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Awesome Team

Effective communication and collaboration within the team can help harness these qualities and drive the team towards its goals.

Tayebwa Lysette

Chief Finance Officer

Bashaba Dianah

Customer Relations

Ahmad Levin

PHD, Finance

Makenna Geidt

PHD, Accountancy